Nature reserve De Aanschotse Beemden ready for climate change

Nature reserve “De Aanschotse Beemden” has been prepared to cope with climate changes over the next decades.

Improvements were carried out in the roughly fifty hectares around the catchment area of the Groote Beek. This area was prepared to face and cope with the changing climate over the coming decades.

Water storage

Near the Huizingalaan, large collection points have been created for excess water. This is necessary, because an increase in heavy showers and their frequency are expected. The water is naturally purified by reed beds, with open water between these beds.


On the other side of the area, near the Buddy Boldenlaan, a weir will be constructed. This weir will be operated from Boxtel. It will be used to regulate the water level in the area.

Last weekend, the official opening took place. Dozens of volunteers from the IVN and the Association for Field Biology visited the area. The volunteers went looking for a thousand species of animals and plants in the area, within one day.

Alderman van der Meer Blixembosch attended the official opening.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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