Dutch literacy week starts in Eindhoven region

This Monday, a special week starts in the Netherlands. Alfabetiseringsweek is a week focusing on literacy.

Functional illiteracy is the week’s subject. Another one is how to tackle it.  In and around Eindhoven, special activities take place about the subject as well.

Tuesday for instance, one of these activities helps people better understand Dutch in job-related situations. At Eindhoven library, a special course focuses on “Werkvloertaal“. This is specific Dutch used in the work-environment. Subjects addressed in the course may include sending cover letters, reading a work schedule, or filling in forms.

Language Festival

At “de Dommel“, a local activity center, the “Taal zonder Grenzen Festival” or Language without Borders Festival takes place.

During this “Taalcafé” (a special meeting for language-practicing), Dutch native-speakers and learners of Dutch as a Second Language, practice Dutch. This is done in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment.

One of the activities for younger citizens of Eindhoven includes a course in “writing Dutch rap texts”.

Alfabetiseringsweek: literacy

You may be surprised: in the Netherlands, some 2.5 million adults have difficulty reading and writing. In Brabant alone, there are approximately 300,000 low-literate people.

Difficulty with reading and writing has negative consequences. It may hamper social development and interaction. Often, someone’s health may also be affected.

Stichting “Lezen & Schrijven” (the Dutch foundation aiming to improve reading and writing in the Netherlands) initiated this national literacy week.

TV series

In the coming weeks Studio040 will be broadcasting a five-part TV series. Its subject is functional illiteracy. The series first episode will be broadcasted Tuesday evening:

“How to tackle functional illiteracy? By talking and seeking help! If you have any questions, problems or emergency calls, you can always contact the @bieb040 and the Ster College in Eindhoven. Want to know more? Watch @Studio040 tomorrow at 6 pm!”

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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