Waterboard trying to save streams

more budget to maintain water level

The De Dommel Waterboard is supplementing the De Dommel streams to protect rare plant and animal species from extinction.

It is the first time that this has happened in the Netherlands. It concerns the brooks in Reusel (Estate Utrecht), Tongelreep (Leenderheide), which also runs through Eindhoven, Keersop (Bergeijk), Beerze (Estate Baest and Kampina), and Beekloop (inlet from Belgium channel).

Without water, everything in and around the creeks would die, and it takes decades before nature is restored. The waterboard hopes to preserve the present, special, flora and fauna in these five natural streamlets. Therefore, these five brooks are being refilled with water from farmers groundwater wells.

Many streams in the area of the De Dommel Waterboard are dry, especially since no rain is expected for a while. Rescue operations are not being implemented in all streams.

The rescue action is being started in these five streams because rare and protected species such as the European brook lamprey, the burbot, certain dragonflies, and caddisflies, live there. These species are an important indication that the water quality and living environment are favourable. For example, the European brook lamprey is an indicator that the water and soil in that place is favourable.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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