Son en Breugel recycling shop moves

It seemed all over the recycling shop “Kringloopwinkel” at Son en Breugel. Fortunately, in the nick of time, a new location was found.

One shop along the Nieuwstraat has already closed. The other one will close towards the end of August. However, after a long period of uncertainly, a new location was found on the Ekkersrijt industrial estate. The “Kringloopwinkel Son en Breugel”, will move there and reopen per 13th of September.

“It was truly stressful, but the municipality came up with three possible alternatives”, according to owner Joost Franken. He started talks with the owners of the three buildings. He finally decided to opt for Ekkersrijt 3104a in Son.

“A permit had to be adjusted to enable running a recycling shop at this location. However: honour to whom honour is due: the municipality Son en Breugel has arranged this very quickly”, states an extremely happy Franken to Studio 040. “I think the municipality has really realized the importance of this recycling shop.”

According to the municipality, the reuse of goods fits in well with Son’s sustainability aims. In the field of employment, the whole cycle the Kringloopwinkel uses, provides work for people who have a “distanced to the labour market”. People who do not easily find paid employment.

The recycling shop works closely with the local “milieustraat”. The place where people leave furniture and other items, they no longer use or want. A small workshop for dismantling furniture is being created, as part of the waste separation process.

“We are more than just a shop,” says Franken. “Customers are advised and we offer a helping hand when visitors need one. Everybody who visits is also welcomed and engaged in a chat. People really love coming here.”

The thrift shop has already closed. It will soon leave its current location, along the Nieuwstraat, in the centre of Son. The shop at number 15 of the Nieuwstraat remains open till the last weekend of August.

Regular visitors and lovers of vintage shops will then have to wait for the “Kringloopwinkel” to reopen at its new location: Ekkersrijt 3104a in Son; from 13th of September 2018 onward.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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