Will the striking teachers accept the government’s proposal?

The teachers’ demands and government’s proposal.

The primary school teachers have been on a periodic strike since last October. The teachers’ campaigned for a higher pay and a lesser workload. The government has offered a proposal to the striking teachers union. The teachers are offered a 2.5% pay increase and also a one-time payment of 42% of the revised monthly pay. While the other primary school employees receive a one time bonus of up to 750 euros based on the number of working hours, in addition, to the pay hike. However, the teachers have not yet accepted this proposition. The teacher unions are in the process of examining possibilities to respond to the government’s overture. Planned strikes could go ahead if the teachers union rejects the proposal.

Teachers protest

PO in action

The union for the teachers and by the teachers, Poinaction.nl had postulated the demands and appealed to the education department. Their focus is on reducing work pressure and achieving a fair salary on par with their high school counterparts. In doing so they hope to prevent absenteeism and burnout among primary school teachers. The union fears that the working climate may repel prospective teachers away from this noble profession. So they have also appealed to the parents’ support in their cry for justice.


Ministry of Education

The government is investing more than 700 million euros in primary education within a short period of time. In addition to the 270 million for salary, 430 million euros is also structurally available for primary education to reduce the workload. Education Minister Arie Slob a former teacher himself emphasizes that the work is not finished yet, despite the substantial steps that have now been taken. ‘We still need each other in the coming period to improve education. I am very motivated to continue working with all those involved.”

Education Minister (primary and secondary school education) Arie Slob

The reaction of PO in action

Eindhoven News contacted the Brabant representative of PO in action, Danny van de Goor to get the Teachers union’s reaction. Mr van de Goor acknowledges that the teachers are grateful for the government’s current proposal. However, he adds that the strikes could go on until their demands are fully addressed. Van de Goor asserts “ we won’t stop fighting until our salaries are on par with that of the high school teachers. We are fighting for the dignity of our profession and for the quality of education for our children.” For more information //http://www.poinactie.nl

Danny van de Goor

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj




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