Forty TU researchers to work on quantum technology

Extremely fast computers and the ability to develop new medicines much faster? Forty TU researchers to work in special centre on quantum technology. 

The latest developments in quantum technology are promising. This is why a centre for such technology will be opened at the Eindhoven TU, Friday.

Forty researchers in the fields of physics, mathematics and electrical engineering will work in the centre, pooling their expertise. This should lead to faster developments. It may also increase the speed of making new discoveries, designs, creations available for industry and market.

The TU/e calls quantum physics the ‘inimitable world on the scale of the smallest particles’. Knowledge about quantum physics already led to inventions such as the laser and the transistor.

These in turn, contributed to the development of mobile telephony, solar cells, and GPS. Now a new era is breaking in the field of quantum technology, which is leading to ultra-fast computers.

Because of the impact this technology will have on society, including the development of new medicines, data security or the conversion of energy; the European Commission speaks of a ‘second quantum revolution’.

This year, Brussels therefore set aside 1 billion € to financially back research, which in turn must enable new technologies to become available to industry and society.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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