Judge rules in favour of Stadhuisplein air purification system

An innovative air purification system will be in use on the Stadhuisplein for the first time this year after a lawsuit prevented it from running.

‘Lungs of the City’ was installed last year to collect and purify polluted air from parking garages. Parking garage owner Q-Park filed a lawsuit against the municipality on the grounds that the garage owner couldn’t guarantee the safety of its staff and customers after the installation.

However, a judge ruled that building requirements had been met after a large hood was placed over the parking garage entrance.

The purification system is a trial headed by environmental innovation company ENS Technology in collaboration with the TU/e, the council, and chemical company Air Liquide.

The Stadhuisplein sees less wind than the rest of the city, leading to an accumulation of air pollution caused by slow-moving traffic.

“Thanks to our technology, the quality of the air leaving the parking garage is significantly better than the air going into the garage. The parking garage acts as the “lungs” of the city by improving the air quality”, said Roel Gijsbers of ENS Technology.

Researchers from the TU/e capturing particulate matter and soot in underground car parks last year found unexpectedly high levels of air pollution.


Source: Studio040

Translation: Nicola W

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