Staatsbosbeheer still dealing with storm damage

Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves, is still busy dealing with Thursday’s storm damage.

The devastation along the Leenderweg, the Strabrechtse Heide and in the Kempen by Thursday’s storm is enormous. Hundreds of trees toppled to the ground blocking hiking trails, roads, bridle and cycle paths. This week, at least five employees will be working full-time to clear paths.

“Cycle paths and public roads have priority. Almost all of these have been cleared of debris and are accessible again. We started work on these fairly quickly after the storm,” says Staatsbosbeheer’s forester Erik Schram.

The damage is a nuisance for tourists, hikers, cyclists and others using forests. However, for Nature such damage is hardly a problem, according to Schram.

Fallen trees offer lots of new opportunities for insects, birds, saplings. Dead wood attracts insects which in turn attract woodpeckers.

Kingfishers are also quite happy with any trees or branches fallen along the water. The birds not only use holes in banks, but may also nest in holes in trees or earth clinging to roots of uprooted trees.

Photo courtesy Staatsbosbeheer

Source: Studio 040
Translator: Kate

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