Culture sector happy with additional investments

Directors of the Eindhoven Museum, Dutch Design Week and Muziekgebouw are very satisfied with the proposed investments in the city’s facilities.

The directors told this to ED (Eindhovens Dagblad), earlier today. Last Friday, Brainport region Eindhoven proposed investing 370 million euros in among other things, improved sports, culture, technical research and conference venues.

The aim is to remain a top technological region in the future. Brainport also wants to ensure (international) talent will remain living in the region.

Money from the investment budget is also reserved for the Eindhoven Museum, Dutch Design and the Muziekgebouw.

Over 8 million euro is for example assigned to the Eindhoven Museum. “This is exactly what we asked for and it’s nice to see, they took our request seriously,”says director Rennen in the newspaper. The museum intends to use the money to construct another building. Historical collections could be shown at this new location. A medieval castle might also be built. Work on it might start during 2020.

Martijn Paulen of Dutch Design Week is also happy. He thinks an extra investment in design will benefit the city. The money will ensure Eindhoven is not restricted to promoting design just during the DDW. It will enable Eindhoven to show what it has to offer design-wise throughout the year.

“You can do this by realizing design projects throughout the city promoting livability. For example, by turning fronts of existing buildings environmental and energy friendly, or provide an innovative and fast connection between the inner city and Strijp-S”. Paulen is also keen to establish a new knowledge institute for design and digital culture. The Evoluon would be the perfect place for such an institute.

The Muziekgebouw is delighted with Brainport regio’s plan as well. The plan reserves 7 million euros for the Muziekgebouw, which has seen serious deficits for years. The money will be an extra impulse to help overcome these.

It is not yet clear how much money will eventually be allocated to the region. The region itself invests EUR 200 million. It is not yet certain if the Dutch government will provide the other 170 million euros.

Source: Studio 040
Translator: Kate

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