Residents furious: new parking permit system

Photo credit: Studio040

People living in the Tramkwartier in Eindhoven ‘s city center, are angry about a new parking permit system.

Residents have collected signatures and sent them to the municipal council. In doing so, they want to ensure the existing system will remain in place. They think it works fine and needs no changes.

According to angry residents, the new system violates Dutch privacy laws and rights. The new parking system obliges residents to enter their cars’ registration numbers.

Maximum annual parking hours

In addition to this, each user is given a maximum parking time of 200 hours per year. Parking time used by people visiting residents is subtracted from the annual maximum of 200 hours per year. This puts people at a disadvantage; perhaps even discriminates against those who rely on visiting carers or who depend on home help.

“A maximum of 200 hours a year is totally unacceptable! Since when does a municipality decide how many hours visitors may see you”, a resident writes.

The new system is supposed to be introduced per 1st of March.

Source: Studio 040
Translator: Kate

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