Eindhoven has over twenty blackspots

Eindhoven has more than twenty dangerous or accident blackspots.

RTL News mapped these accident blackspots. The dangerous locations include roundabouts, intersections and highways. All are places where at least ten accidents have been registered by police or Rijkswaterstaat over a period of three years.

The Bishop Bekkerslaan, as well as the crossroad ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat – Pastoriestraat – Velm Montgomerylaan’ had four registered victims each, during the past three years. These black spots scored the highest number of victims in the region.

The Velm Montgomerylaan turns out to be an exceptionally dangerous street. On top of the victims registered at the crossing, three others were registered elsewhere along this street.

The crossings Doctor Cuyperslaan – Europalaan and Stratumsedijk are also notorious, with each numbering three registered casualties.

The Netherlands numbers 1,200 accident blackspots. This study covered registered accidents from 2014 upto 2016.

Souce: Studio 040
Translator: Kate

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