Large Pieten-parade visited Eindhoven

With music and sweets, a large parade of Pieten and Sint Nicolaas (also known as Sinterklaas) traveled through Eindhoven city centre.

On Sunday afternoon, Dutch children’s friend Sint Nicolaas collected his assistants including Acrobaatpieten, Muziekpieten, Pepernootpieten and Politieke Pieten (Acrobat, Music, Peppernuts and Politial Peters). Sint Nicolaas and his assistants visited Eindhoven city centre. The Sint wanted to ensure all shoppers were in the right mood, while preparing for the traditional Dutch childrens’ feast of Sint Nicolaas.

The childrens’ friend had also invited the most musical Peters-band of the Netherlands to join his parade. The band made sure children and grown-ups could practice singing Dutch traditional Sint Nicolaas songs, or Sinterklaasliedjes.

As shoppers bought so many presents in preparation of Sint Nicolaas’ Eve (celebrated on the fifth of December), a special Peters-train was part of the parade. It cruised through the centre to ensure everybody could take a ride and rest their wary feet, before visiting the next store.

Many children thought it was a wonderful experience. Especially, as Sint Nicolaas and his Peter-assistants refused to let them pass, without handing out helpings of sweets.

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