Rebuild SXM wants to offer St. Maarten long-term aid

Rebuild SXM wants to offer St. Maarten long-term aid

An emergency aid campaign was launched in Eindhoven to collect money and goods for the victims of Hurricane Irma on Sint Maarten. The campaign Rebuild SXM will not only provide emergency relief, but also provide support to the island for the longer term.

The action was set up by John Sandiford and Cyriel Pfennings. The two grew up in Sint Maarten, but now they live and work in the Netherlands. They still have a lot of family in Sint Maarten.

The office of Sandiford in the Klokgebouw has become the center of the campaign. They collect money and coordinate different aid initiatives that have taken place over the past few days.

They use the Unified Sint Maarten Connection network, an organization with almost 1,200 members, which helps Sint Maarten and Saba residents familiarize in the Netherlands.

The goal of Rebuild SXM is to offer more than just emergency aid. They also want to support victims after the initial aid. Many of the volunteers at Rebuild SXM are people from Sint Maarten who also experienced Hurricane Luis in 1995 on the island. They understand how important not only emergency aid, but also long-term assistance is.

Today, Rebuild SXM launches a GoFundMe page, where people can easily donate. It can be found on their website Rebuild SXM.

Source: Studio040

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