Eindhoven’s economy grows, unemployment falls

In the last six months, the labour market in Eindhoven has taken an upward turn. The city’s economy has grown by 3,7%, while the regional growth is 2,8%. This is higher than the national average.

In addition, the number of current WW (Unemployment) benefits have decreased. In the South Easter Brabant labour market, the number of benefits issued dropped by 2,8% in June as compared to May.

A negative development is that of youth unemployment. The number of young people requiring assistance has increased. The municipality, therefore, want to pay extra attention to this.

Nationally, the economic picture remains stable and unemployment figures have fallen. Six thousand people have found employment in the last month. This means the unemployed population has decreased from 5,3% to 5,1%.

 Source: studio040
Translator: Melinda
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