Catharina Hospital Starts Research Into Chemo For Colon Cancer

The Catharina Hospital has started research into the effectiveness of chemotherapy in metastasized colon cancer. Physicians in the Netherlands stopped using chemotherapy with this form of cancer, because scientific proof of its positive effects is not available.

Over the next six years, 358 Dutch patients, in total, with colon cancer (also known as gastrointestinal cancer) will be followed closely in the so-called Cairo-6-study. Half will receive chemotherapy before and after the operation, the other half will only undergo surgery. Worldwide many doctors are unwilling to forego chemo because they do not want to deny their patients the best chance of recovery.

The research will be done under the supervision of oncologist-surgeon, Dr. Ignace de Hingh. In his experience patients with gastrointestinal cancer can find chemotherapy very stressful. After the study, in six years, it will be clearer which patients benefit from which treatment. On top of that, it will be better known if chemotherapy contributes to a better survival rate of patients with colon cancer.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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