Council to fell 144 trees in Vaartbroek

Council to fell 144 trees in Vaartbroek

The Eindhoven City Council began felling 144 trees in Vaartbroek yesterday. After an investigation it was found that 60 percent of the trees were diseased. In addition, the sewerage system is being damaged by the trees’ roots.

The felling of the trees in De Stoutheuvel and Florencelaan in Vaartbroek is a sore point for many residents. They say have the streets are less attractive. Three appeals were filed, but as they were presented too late, the cutting down of the trees will go ahead.

The trees’ roots are growing through the sewerage pipes, which is damaging them. This, in turns, increases the risk of flooding. The sewerage pipes will be replaced in October this year and the streets will be re-designed. The Council will then also plant new trees.

The felling of the trees and the root removal in De Stoutheuvel and Florencelaan will continue until the end of March.

source: studio040

Translator: Melinda


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