First Renewi garbage trucks drive through Eindhoven

First Renewi garbage trucks drive through Eindhoven

The first Renewi garbage trucks are in operation in Eindhoven. This marks a definitive end to the 53 years that Van Gansewinkel has been in the city. The blue trucks of this company have been collecting refuse in Eindhoven since 1964.

On 1 March, it was announced that Van Gansewinkel and the Shanks Group would join to form Renewi. At that stage it was not yet clear what the colours and logo would be on the garbage trucks. Yesterday, one of these new trucks was seen driving on Kruis Street in Eindhoven.

Leo van Gansewinkel began collecting waste from the Phillips factory in Maarheze in 1964. Van Gansewinkel learnt from his uncle how to drive a truck.

With a secondhand garbage truck, the founder of Van Gansewinkel went to councillors and mayors all over Brabant, asking if he could collect refuse in their communities. Van Gansewinkel became a major player in the waste processing industry in Benelux. The company’s headquarters were in Eindhoven.

Van Gansenwinkel and the Shanks Group have more than 8 000 employees, collectively. Renewi is active in North America and nine countries in Europe.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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