Fire department kicks off big smoke awareness campaign

Fire department kicks off big smoke awareness campaign

The Brabant-Zuidoost fire department kicks off a major public campaign today to warn people against the inhaling of harmful smoke.

During a fire, people subconsciously do the opposite of what is good for them. During, especially, the first hour of a fire, many people will gather to see what has happened. It is during this time that the chance of standing in, and also inhaling, (harmful) smoke is at its greatest.

It does not matter what is being burnt: chemical matter, (garden) refuse, paper, clean timber, oil or plastic. A house or the forest. Smoke contains ash particles and other harmful substances which can cause acute as well as chronic problems.

All residents of Eindhoven must be aware of the how noxious smoke can be and how to deal with this. It is for this reason that the campaign of ‘Blijf uit de rook’ (Stay out of the smoke) is being kicked off today.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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