New electric fleet of buses BRAVO

Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library/Studio040

The largest electric bus fleet in the Netherlands will be riding the Southeast Brabant under the name Bravo. Transportation Company Hermes presented the new buses today.

The buses have the logo and color scheme of Bravo, which stands for “Brabant Vervoer Ons”. The fleet is made out of 43 electric buses and 65 low-emission diesel buses.

This change required a lot of adjustments from Hermes.  The electric buses should be charged for about three hours prior to use, therefore the schedule of the drivers will have to be adapted accordingly.

The drivers of BRAVO have taken a course on how to ride the electric buses and managing energy efficiently. In addition, the depot at Professor Dorgelolaan placed the necessary charging stations and has built a small electric station of their own.

These buses, built by VDL, are an advance on the full ‘zero-emission’ public transport, scheduled for 2024. The current 65 Euro-6 diesel buses are only a step forward because in the future all buses are electric.

This new fleet is looked at with great international interest.  The new BRAVO busses will become available from Sunday, December 11th on any route in Southeast Brabant.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Rebeca

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