Many transport companies don’t meet regulations

According to last autumn’s inspections, many transport companies don’t have their security and safety regulations up to date in regards with toxic substances.

A total of 20 companies were inspected, from which fourteen were working with toxic substances and in all fourteen of them were detected violations to the security and safety regulations.

Inspections were carried out in the morning, evening and even at night.  Transport companies are often the busiest, because the packages they receive one day, are supposed to be delivered the next day to the final customer.  The inspection was particularly aimed at the temporary storage of hazardous materials, to validate whether or not the substances were contained in accordance with the regulations,  to determine if they were of danger to the employees, the surroundings or the environment.

From the fourteen companies in which violations were found, only one of them had to take immediate action.  The other thirteen received warnings and advice.  All these companies are expecting a further inspection to confirm actions were taken and regulations are being met.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Rebeca

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