Private initiative Democratic school Doe040 to relocate

The private democratic school Doe040 (Democratic Education Eindhoven) might relocate to Veldhoven.The school has looked at the former school building of de Prins Willem-Alexanderschool at de Blaarthemsewegin Veldhoven.

The democratic school is an innovative educational concept which totally turns around the classical and accepted concept of 30 pupils and one teacher with the pupils being directed by the teacher. Pupils at Doe040 determine what they want to learn. Learning is child centred, and pupils are not separated by age or cognitive abilities.

The basis of the democratic school is that each pupil starting from 4 to 21 years of age, has an equal say and responsibility in the running of the school, with democracy as its principle. There is a multitude of rules to guide the running of the school system and each pupil is actively involved in the decision making. The learning environment is stimulating and encourages pupils to become more creative thinkers.

Doe040 has been temporarily located on the TU/e-grounds, since August 2014, but their lease is ending in 2017, as the building will be demolished. The school has been trying to find an alternative location and the need is high as the number of pupils has steadily increasing since its opening.

Their search in Eindhoven itself has not resulted in any concrete relocation solution. ‘All relocation options are vague, in that no price is mentioned or date of availability, according to the school’s website. Or the location is not ‘green’ enough or not accessible with public transportation.

A council member of the D66 party has made the case for the school’s urgent need to find a new location which has resulted in the municipality becoming more active in the effort to find a location in Eindhoven. However due to the urgent need to relocate this might have been too late.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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