Kommardoor party; first step to new green route

Coming Sunday about 25 organisations and entrepreneurs will present themselves during the Kommardoor Groene Corridor event. De Groene Corridor (green corridor) is a route from the 18 Septemberplein Eindhoven, Het Groene Woud to the market in Oirschot.

Communities of Eindhoven, Oirschot and nature-care-organisation Brabants Landschap have decided to make this 14 km long area greener and more enjoyable. This will be done together with entrepeneurs, inhabitants and with support of the province Noord-Brabant.

The Kommardoor feast is a first step to realize this. The feast-program includes nature-tours, street-theater and pop-up yoga-sessions. The route is supposed to be done by bike. If that’s not possible, people can take the tilt car that has been arranged.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Christoph van der Reijden

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