Elderly woman (74) lives on the street with her son (50)

A local 74 year old woman has been living on the streets of Eindhoven together with her 50 year old son for the last ten months. She became homeless together with her son Carlo. Piet and Hugo van Rooij of foundation, ‘Stichting (Z)onderdak’ are of the opinion that this is totally unacceptable and are helping the mother and son.

Piet and Hugo have been helping the homeless in Eindhoven, for the last couple of years, by giving out survival packages with a sleeping bag, mat and cover amongst others and in general highlighting the plight of homeless person in Eindhoven. The two homeless persons that Hugo and Piet met this time really made a lasting impression. Carlo and his 74 year old mother became homeless after getting into problems with a social housing corporation.

The foundation, ‘Stichting (Z)onderdak’ saw no other way but to help by arranging a week’s stay at the Benno Hotel at the Wilhelminaplein.to offer the two needy persons some relief.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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