Effective way to treat kidney dialysis patients at Catharina

The Catharina Ziekenhuis (hospital) has devised a new way to support kidney dialysis patients, which has proven to be very successful: The amount of errors with medication at the dialysis unit has decreased by 75 percent.

The big improvement can be contributed to the fact that a hospital pharmacist has been added to the treatment team. Kidney patients on average take ten different types of medication a day. In addition a lot of kidney patients are also diabetic or are hart patients and or suffer from other vascular ailments, which may cause medication to have additional or different side effects. And patients can also react differently to medication, depending on well their kidney(s) still function(s).

The idea of the special support by a pharmacist in terms of medication has been picked up nationally and will be implemented nationwide.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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