Toon Gerbrands: ‘PSV has only one aim: the title’

Director of PSV, Toon Gerbrands, has but one objective, and that is the title. ‘The most important thing is the title, because of the financial leeway and match platform it affords. If you can achieve that, it’s twice the thrill, but always in that order’.

Gerbrands made his remarks on PSV TV yesterday on Malta, where PSV spent last week on a training camp.

According to Gerbrands, the situation is very different to last year, after the winter break, when there was a good starting position, but no prizes. Now, we’ve already achieved something, he says, and are competing on all fronts.

Technical manager Marcel Brands emphasised again that PSV will not be looking to buy new players this winter. ‘We are glad to have Maxime Lestienne and Jetro Willems back, and there is no great need at the moment’.

PSV flies back to Eindhoven today to begin preparations for the match against Feyenoord on Sunday.
The PSV New Year Reception is on Wednesday. Just like last year, the supporters are invited too.

Foto: PSV Media

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean (LinkedIn)

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