Wind Canopy on Nieuwe Emmasingel installed

The wind canopy on Nieuwe Emmasingel is finished. The awning is intended to provide better and more customer-friendly shopping. It is around 11 meters high and covers an area of about 750 square meters.

Shoppers were almost blown off the streets before this installation. Nieuwe Emmasingel lies between tall buildings which create a wind tunnel effect, with gusts faster than 70 kilometers per hour.

Now the situation has been improved but the wind is not completely gone yet. Visitors still complain about the wind. But most of the retailers in the area are satisfied. Bert Blocken from the TU/e has done a post test. A spokesman for the Admirant Shopping Eindhoven also expressed his satisfaction.

"We have been through some misery with the wind," says the owner of the Riviera Maison Eindhoven. "And that is now gone. We are satisfied. The wind is not completely gone, but now it feels just as hard as in any other place in the city. Besides the worst fall wind is gone."

Source: Studio040
Translation: Aditi Chatterji

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