Tesla opens Tilburg factory for Model S

Tesla opened its new factory dedicated to supply European customers with Model S. The factory, located in Tilburg, streamlines the production process for European deliveries bringing customers the Model S, faster.

In the Tilburg factory with a total area of 77,648 square metres, Model S is built with parts manufactured in Tesla’s US factory in Fremont, California. In Tilburg, assembly includes installation of the battery pack, powertrain and rear axle, and the cars first firmware upload.

In Tilburg the electric cars receive their final test as well. The 750 metre long track consists of 400m of asphalt and 6000 dots simulating bumps in the road.

Tesla now has 69 stores and service centres across 12 countries in Europe. More than 1000 Superchargers stretch from Norway to Slovenia and the United Kingdom to Spain.

Source: Tesla

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