“Advice: The CKE should close its doors’

The Center for the Arts in Eindhoven should probably close its doors and the municipality should stop subsidizing the CKE, since for the same tuition students also can turn to private tutors or schools. These drastic conclusions were presented by the Noordeling Consultancy, commissioned by the Stichting Cultuur (Culture Foundation) according to reports in the Eindhoven’s Dagblad.

The Stichting Cultuur will be responsible for the implementation of cultural policy in Eindhoven from 2017. It will also be the body that will distributes all cultural subsidies.

According to the consultants researching into the CKE’s viability, private music and art teachers are in short supply, because the Center for the Arts teachers for instance, are predisposed towards teaching in schools in the city. Also the CKE when it has low demand, often lays off teachers but according to the researchers, the dismissed teachers are able to find employment once again.

The Stichting Cultuur had previously recommended that the four million euros subsidy can be reduced to a two million subsidy annually.

CKE announced that it won’t accept the conclusions of the researchers. In November, further discussions are expected in Eindhoven about the plans of the Stichting Cultuur in political circles.

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