Downies & Brownies Geldrop open for business

The Downies & Brownies in Geldrop is now open to the public. Last night there was an official ‘opening’.

Downies & Brownies was founded by Suzanne van Herk and Rosita van Hoof. The two women managed to find 80 private investors withing twelve hours, who have together invested 70 000 euros.

At Downies & Brownies, people with learning disabilities and minor handicaps are employed. This was part of the purpose and philosophy of the owners, Suzanne and Rosita, who wanted to help the community via meaningful activities. They were encouraged by their personal commitment and their love for the hospitality industry.

They currently have ten employees. Some of them come on probation, says Van Herk. "Most of them aren’t used to this set up so we try a probation period. Once we complete this period, we’ll see if we still have to recruit people. "

The lunchroom at the Langstraat 23, in Geldrop is open six days a week from 09:30 to 17:00.

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