Three months jail for bizarre car ride in Eindhoven

Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library (Studio040)

Yesterday an Eindhoven male, 24, received three months in prison imposed on him for the bizarre journey he made through the center of the town. The ruling was carried out by the court in Den Bosch.

The man has no driver’s license, yet according to his own words wanted to gain some "driving experience". He therefore got behind the wheel of a BMW. There were still fines open against the license number of the car so when the police saw this, they attempted to stop him.

But instead of stopping the man fled. He ran a red light, reached up to 130 kilometers per hour, and cyclists had to flee onto the pavement.

For all traffic offences the man received a three months jail sentence. He also cannot drive a car for two years, after he obtains his license.

Source: Studio040
Translated: Linda Govers

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