Eindhoven Marathon to be most innovative in Europe

The Eindhoven Marathon has to become the most innovative one in Europe. In order to achieve this, the Eindhoven municipality has reached a sponsorship agreement of € 170,000 with Golazo Sports SX, the organizer of the annual DLL Marathon Eindhoven.

Yesterday afternoon Alderman Bianca Kaathoven and Director of Golazo Sports Mario Kadiks signed the agreement. Before Golazo took over the organization of the Foundation Marathon Eindhoven last year, the municipality awarded the complete organization of the marathon a subsidy of € 275,000.

To establish the current amount of sponsorship money, the municipality spoke with several marathon partners and examined how they viewed the event and its value. They also shared the ambition to transform the annual marathon into the most innovative one in Europe.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Hanny van Belkom

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