A culture of anxiety still exists at municipality

There is a certain case of anxiety among the officials who work for the municipality. Specifically among the officials working in the social sector. This is evident from council questions by the ‘Ouderen Appèl (elderly appeal) in response to an internal report.

That internal investigation would show that the reorganization of the civil service is not exactly running smoothly. The decentralizations of care adds tasks and other duties are divested. Cuts are made and employees must leave. At the same time WIJeindhoven is founded.

Therefore, a satisfaction survey is made among employees. People "do not dare to say what is on their minds," the Ouderen Appèl quotes from that report. People also say to be afraid of being judged not being sufficiently flexible. Certainly a case of anxiety according to the party.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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