Court sentencing 9 years on Juliette Bouhof case

Today, the court in Den Bosch sentenced Koen B., the man who admitted killing the 17-year-old Juliette Bouhof, to nine years in prison.

The sentence is non-suspended. The public prosecutor’s department demanded a 12-year imprisonment two weeks ago, but the judge found that too long because Koen B is still young, has no criminal record, and in similar criminal cases a lower penalty has been imposed.

According to the court, the killing was intentionally. Koen B. should have been aware of the fact that by squeezing the throat of Juliette, he might kill her. Koen B. is acquitted of murder because it was not proven that he acted with premeditation. The court also condemned him for threatening Juliette, her sister and her mother.

Bouhof was found dead behind a planter, close to the Lage Landen office at the Eindhoven Vestdijk last October. She was beaten and strangled the night before after going out.

Koen B. admitted that Juliette lost her life because of his actions. He would have run away in panic when Juliette stopped moving. He said he had been defending himself, because she squeezed his throat during a quarrel. The court finds it incredulous that Juliette attacked him this severely. Especially since he beat her till she bled.

Source: Studio040

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