Airport allowed to grow considerably

Airport is allowed to grow considerably, with additional flights in the evening

Eindhoven Airport is allowed to grow to 43,000 flights annually until 2020. Additional flights are accepted even after eleven o’clock at night and early in the morning. That is the advice of former minister Hans Alders, for the future of the airport.

Over the past months Alders consulted all stakeholders to reach a final recommendation. The stakeholders being the airport itself of course, but also the county, the state, environmental organizations, regional municipalities, businesses and residents.

Most of them second the advice, such as the county, the city of Eindhoven and companies in the region. But local residents and twelve regional municipalities such as Best, Eindhoven and Eersel are opposed. Alders therefore will advice the State Secretary for Infrastructure Mansfeld, without the approval of the regional municipalities and local residents.

They feel that the recommendation leads to unacceptable noise disturbance. Especially the allowing of additional flights after eleven o’clock at night and on weekends before eight o’clock in the morning is unacceptable for the twelve municipalities and residents. They also find that Eindhoven Airport is growing too fast the coming years. They demand a maximum growth of 2000 additional flights per year, instead of 3500.

Hans Alders and Eindhoven Airport disagree. According to Alders the growing airport can only remain profitable with more morning and evening flights. Especially for the Eindhoven-based airlines such as Transavia. Alders therefore does not want to make any further concessions towards the residents and the twelve regional municipalities.

The Secretary of State will submit the advice to the parliament later this year.

Source: Studio040

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