Philips and AMC aim to improve care for diabetic patients

Yesterday Philips and Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam announced their collaboration in a European multi-centre clinical study to investigate a new diagnostic technique targeting immediate assessment of the results of a minimally-invasive treatment for diabetic foot and critical limb ischemia. Severe diabetic foot complications, which are the result of hampered blood circulation, affect millions of diabetic patients globally.

Amputation is one of the most important risks for patients with diabetic foot disease. At the moment, there is no diagnostic method to immediately assess the result of an angioplasty procedure – currently the preferred treatment option to restore blood circulation in the foot. The result is typically only determined months after treatment by following the progress of the healing process or lack of it.

In order to provide optimal care, there is therefore a clear need for a new diagnostic tool to assess treatment results more quickly. The European study in which Philips and AMC are collaborating will start in the summer of 2015 with final results expected in 2017.


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