Support for radical Muslims approach

The Eindhoven politics support a new action plan to tackle radicalization of Muslim youth.

The plan focuses on prevention. Shorter lines between community and interested parties should prevent Muslims to radicalize. So not only close contact with the police and judiciary, but particularly with mosques, schools and youth workers. The idea is that they would be able to pick up signals from extremism faster together.

According to most of the groups it is indeed better to prevent than cure. According to GroenLinks and PvdA the contacts with welfare and mosques are good and can be further developed.

LPF is less enthusiastic about the plan. The group says it is too soft. The municipality should monitor the Al Fourqaan mosque in Woensel more strict. According to the LPF the mosque is still a center for extremism. The party was then harshly criticized by Mayor Van Gijzel, who finds that the group creates phantoms. According to the mayor, ten years ago there were problems with the Al Fourqaan, but they are dissolved. The municipality has lots of conversations with the mosque now, and there are no more signs of radicalism, says Van Gijzel.

Source: studio040

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