New ice project TU/e in Finland: Da Vinci Bridge

After the world’s largest ice dome and a thirty foot high ice chapel, the Technical University in Eindhoven will now construct a Da Vinci bridge of ice.

About 100 students and volunteers from different countries will travel to the Finnish Juuka this winter to build that bridge. The hundred-meter long bridge will get a free span of 50 meters and is made of ice and paper.

The Da Vinci’s Bridge Ice is based on a design by artist Leonardo da Vinci. He designed the bridge for the Bosphorus river in Istanbul. But it was never built.

From December onwards, 24 hours a day will be worked. This is because of the freezing of equipment at long work interruptions. The ice bridge will be located in an old quarry. The aim is that pedestrians can cross it.

In February 2016, the bridge should be ready. If successful, the students will have broken their ice dome world record of 2014.

Source: studio040

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