Swim Cup ideal preparation for Olympic Games in Rio

“The Swim Cup in Eindhoven should be twice as big next year. The 2016 edition must take eight days,” says Paul van den Heuvel, tournament director of the Swim Cup at Studio040 Radio.

The organisation is making sure that the swimming times correspond to the swimming times at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. That means that even at 21:00 in the evening, different swimming categories will start.

This would be the perfect preparations for the Games in Brazil, a few months after the Swim Cup in 2016. All top swimmers have to come to Eindhoven for training.

With the program spread over more days, there is also more room to include the Paralympic program in the Swim Cup and there will be room for the swimming sport in general. One idea is to organise a "zwemvierdaagse" (4-day swimming event).

Next week, the 2015 edition begins, held from Thursday to Sunday.

Source: Studio040

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