Augustinianum on its quest to win Education Award

Eindhoven Augustinianum is nominated for the study programme “Het Beste Idee” (the best idea) by the Brabant Education Award.

With the programme called "Het Beste Idee," the high school offers students from five different studies (athenaeum) the chance to get acquainted with applied research. The school hopes that through this programme, students can prepare better for future and further education.

The school aims a different approach to learning whilst students develop their own ‘real’ product. In this process students learn to think creatively, brainstorm, do research and make their own presentations. Also students will learn to deal with circumstances such as industry requirements, constraints of investors, a limited budget, time pressure and getting media attention.

"Students consider the project cool, informative and useful,” said the Augustinianum. Former students also find that this curriculum contributes positively to future education.

The winner shall be published in the Provincial House in Den Bosch on Wednesday January 28. If the Augustinianum wins the title the school goes through to the national finals.

Source: Studio040

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