Over 7 million euros for TU/e research

In the most recent round of the High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) subsidy program organized by Technology Foundation STW, 10 out of the 23 accepted proposals were applied for by TU/e. This adds up to a total of more than 7 million euros for TU/e research, almost half of the total available budget of 15 million euros. The University of Twente was awarded six projects, while Delft University of Technology received four.

Six of the ten TU/e projects were applied for by researchers in the Electrical Engineering department. Kevin Williams intends to use the money to try to combine photonic and electronic components into a single photonic chip. Erwin Bente intends to research a monitoring system for lithographic machines consisting of integrated optical components.

In addition, Elena Lomonova gains funding to improve the electronic characteristics of industrial power converters. Bart Smolders plans to integrate a radar system with a computer chip, and Tjalling Tjalkens aims to use the funds to develop a personalized hearing system. Massimo Mischi receives a grant for the use of ultrasound to investigate the role of contractions during in vitro fertilization, (IVF) aimed at increasing the chance of success.

Two projects fall under the Applied Physics department. Olaf Adan intends to carry out research into how corrosion arises in polymers used to protect micro-electric components from water and ions. Anton Darhuber plans to use the funds to increase understanding of how errors arise in immersion lithography, a technique used to write tiny semiconductor structures using layers of water between the lens and the surface to be processed.

Nathan van der Wouw (Mechanical Engineering) plans to work together with a large number of high-tech companies to develop the next generation of control systems. The tenth grant goes to Jos Brouwers (Built Environment) for re-using furnace ash from cement production.

TU/e also scored highly in last-year’s HTSM program, when one-third of the successful projects were applied for by TU/e.

Source: www.tue.nl

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