Eindhoven tries to limit number of freight trains

Eindhoven municipality should do everything possible to decrease the number of freight trains that will pass the city in the coming years. The City Council decided last Tuesday evening.

Extra trains will run through the city in spring and summer next year, due to work on the German part of the Betuweroute. Thus requiring a long detour via Eindhoven. Residents of the track in Tongelre worry about the added inconvenience and security risks that the trains could cause.

Alderman Visscher will therefore once more speak with the Secretary of State, County and ProRail to see how the risks and inconvenience can be minimized. For example, by investigating slowing down trains, or insulating walls in homes. Furthermore she will look into the possiblility of shipping more goods by water, rather than transportion by rail.

Especially residents in the Hofstraat in Tongelre have experienced much noise nuisance over years. From summer measures will be taken.

Source: Studio040

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