TU/e student wins Best Care Idea

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and well-being organization Land van Horne won the title for Best Care Idea in the Netherlands (Het Beste Zorgidee van Nederland) 2014.

The project ‘Pillow of perception’ (Belevingskussen) won the title and prize money of 10,000 euros in Amsterdam on 12 November. The pillow, creates sounds through touch, and stimulates sound clips recognition for elderly sufferers of dementia.

TU/e student Eriano Troenokarso developed and tested the pillow at the Mariënburght nursing home in Budel (part of the organization Land van Horne). Experts say the first results are ‘impressive’.

The first prototype of the pillow of perception was tested by dementia clients at Land van Horne. One client was pleasantly surprised to hear her daughter’s voice from the pillow. With a smile on her face she said: "Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful."

Project leader Hans van Wetten from Land van Horne. "This is really collaboration between practice and research. It was not an easy process, but we are happy with the results."

TU/e Student Eriano Troenokarso and supervisor Rens Brankaert of the faculty Industrial Design are also excited about winning the title. "We are delighted with first place."

Source: www.tue.nl
In the Picture: Eriano Troenokarso and project manager Hans van Wetten (photo: Stichting Land van Horne)

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