IWCE Winter Market brings you in Christmas atmosphere

As a tradition, the International Women’s Club of Eindhoven has held its annual Winter Market: at the Thermae Son in Son en Breugel, the 26 stalls were full of goods for the festive season.

Yearly the IWCE organises the fair, and its main purpose is for members and non-members to sell their (homemade) products like jewellery, decorations, clothes, beauty products, hats and pottery.

Along with the market, the IWCE members organise also a bake sale.
"The IWCE bake sale has a special intention, which is raising funds for the ‘Ronald McDonald huis’ in Veldhoven. We chose this charity because we think this organisation is fabulous: it is everywhere in the world and it offers a bed and place to reside, for parents and family of a sick child in hospital. We donate the money to the Ronald McDonald house next to the Màxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven," as Linda Gebhard, the treasurer of the Women’s club, explains. She continues: "Last year the total amount gathered was 270 Euro, and I think we will get close to this amount this year again."

Of course meeting each other, catching up, admiring each other’s babies and sharing experiences is an important social aspect of the whole welcoming market and of all the IWCE activities essentially.

The International Women’s Club saw the light in 1968. It was started the same way many other initiatives once did, with just a few enthusiastic people who have the same idea, need and desire. Over time more structure was implemented and more and more interest groups were added. Now you can find special interests groups like a baby and toddler play, handicraft group, language conversation, bridge and walking groups, just to name a few. The club consists of about 160 members from around 41 nations. The club is composed by women from all walk of life, ladies whose husbands work for international companies in Eindhoven, ladies married to Dutch men, or Dutch ladies who have lived abroad.

The Winter Market is IWCE’s biggest public event, besides events for members only, the monthly gatherings where speakers are invited, and the Christmas and Summer Luncheons. Topics go from arts to science to Dutch history.

Arianna Luciani, the club’s Italian Newsletter Editor, affirms the importance of groups like these: "Our club helps ladies who come to live here from other countries. Through meeting other international women, who are in the same situation and understand each other, expats can find a helping hand and friends. When you live far away from your own country, friends become family".

For more information on the IWCE you can visit their website or get in touch with them by mailing to

Irene Martens

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