ASML outlines long-term growth opportunity

At its Investor Day, today, ASML will outline its expected opportunity to grow net sales to about EUR 10 billion and to triple earnings per share by 2020.

ASML also announces that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) has ordered two EUV systems for delivery in 2015 with the intention to use those systems in production. In addition, two systems already delivered to TSMC will be upgraded.

EUV should enable cost effective manufacturing of chips from 2016/2017, allowing feature size shrink and simplification of manufacturing processes. EUV stands for "extreme ultraviolet" and refers to the light source that is used in the lithography machine. For the past decades, the semiconductor industry has been driven by what is called "Moore’s Law". It goes back to Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who observed in the 1960s that the amount of transistors that could be fit on a chip of a given size at an acceptable cost doubled roughly every year. (He later revised the period to two years.)

Source: ASML – Photo: Studio040

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