Leaked Report ‘serves interests of Nuenen’s residents’

Hans Pijs, the Nuenen council member who leaked the report about land fraud to the press, has done it in order to serve the interests of Nuenen’s residents. This is according to a statement by him to Eindhovens Dagblad.

The leaked KAFI report, confirms suspicions of grand scale fraud with valuation reports. Thereby, resulting in Millions of Euros paid extra by the Nuenen Town Council for ground purchasing.

The majority of the Town Council agreed at the time to keep the report confidential for a while. However, according to Hans Pijs’ statement to the Eindhovens Dagblad, he could not morally agree to that.

The last straw for Hans Pijs was a statement made by the mayor of Nuenen, Mr. Houben, last week, declaring that he feels intimidated both in and out of the Town Council. According to Pijs, the council cannot be managed properly this way.

Source: Studio040

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