Approval for renovation main building TU/e

TU/e intends to carry out a compresensive renovation of its HG (‘Hoofdgebouw’) building. The Supervisory Board has given its agreement to the plans, which means the preparations can now start in full.

The complete rebuilding forms Phase 3 of the TU/e’s Campus 2020 Master Plan, which was launched in 2006. The renovation of the HG building consists of three sub-projects: relocation of all users (starting from the middle of this year), stripping and site rehabilitation, followed by the rebuilding.

Each sub-project of the renovation has its own procedure with separate tendering and its own contractors. The tendering procedure for the ‘total engineering’ has now started. This is for the overall building design, and involves the architectural, civil engineering and technical design aspects.The HG building will initially be completely emptied, followed by asbestos removal.

The building dates from 1963, and with the exception of the lower part of the building which was rebuilt in 1998 contains asbestos. This means the structure needs to be stripped to the bare concrete. The adjacent car parking area will be converted into a site services area for the period of the works.

The HG building was designed in the 1960s by the architect and town planner Samuel van Embden. The building has 16 floors and a floor area of more than 44,000 m², and was completed in 1963. The lower part of the building (floors -2 to 1) was rebuilt in 1998 by Chief Government Architect Wytze Patijn (except for the north-eastern corner of the building).

The HG building currently houses the Industrial Design department, the General Affairs Department (DAZ), the Emergency Center, the Education and Student Service Center, a number of external organizations, the Bachelor College and the Graduate School, the Art Loans office, the University Club, the Career Center and the Strategic Areas.


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