Suspects in case dead baby arraigned

The man and woman who are suspected of involvement in the death of the baby, found in Strijp on Monday, were brought before the magistrate yesterday. The law court in Den Bosch has confirmed that they are accused of murder or manslaughter.

The detention of the Polish couple, a 27-year-old man and 26-year-old woman, was extended by two weeks yesterday. On Monday evening they were arrested at their home in the Klundertstraat, near the place the girl was found. The police are taking into account that the woman is the child’s mother.

The girl’s body, wrapped in a plastic shopping bag, was found by some passers-by in a narrow lane near the Klundertstraat around three o’clock in the afternoon. Since then, the police have been investigating in and around the suspects’ home. Traces have been secured and are now being investigated as well.

The cause of the baby’s death has not been made public yet, but preliminary investigation has shown that the girl was not stillborn.

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