Sports journalists disregard Sochi because of Strijp-S

Thirty international sports journalists ignore Sochi so they can visit Urban Sports at Strijp-S. The reporters came from various countries, such as Turkey, Qatar and Estonia, in order to visit projects in the city that are related to Sports and Technology.

The media tour includes writers and television reporters and visited Fontys Sporthogeschool, Philips Research and the TU/e, among other places. Today, they finished off their visit to Eindhoven at Strijp-S. Afterwards, the group left for Den Bosch.

A spokesperson of Sports and Technology is aware of the awkward planning of this visit during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi: ‘The Ministry of the Interior gave us the assignment and we carry it out. The sports journalists from Finland would have loved to come, but they cancelled because of the Olympics.’

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