New Horizon Reception at Evoluon

The New Year’s Reception ‘The New Horizon’ at the Evoluon on 7th January was an overwhelming success. Fourteen partners from Brainport Eindhoven Region teamed up for the first time for a joint reception to celebrate the New Year.

One thousand guests from business, education and government attended the reception at the Evoluon, which was transformed into a spaceship that was leaving for the future. An animated film show, and other visions for the future were presented by the fourteen partners from the Brainport region

‘The Future of Collaboration’ an inspirational speech given by Louis Zacharilla, director of Development of the Intelligent Community Forum, connected his vision öf the future to ‘The New Horizon’ theme to the acclaim of an appreciative audience.

According to the visionary Zacharilla from New York, smart city areas such as Brainport will set the standards for new societies within a few decades. "Eindhoven can become the Florence of the new renaissance. Cherish your own home, monitor your culture, make sure you are happy and economic success will follow.”

“Man has an inexhaustible energy source: knowledge. Properly applied, this knowledge can secure the future, just like Eindhoven is doing. I consider this town my second home," said Zacharilla.

The main purpose of the occasion was for guests to meet each other and everyone made full use of the networking opportunity. In a relaxed party atmosphere, the conversation was mainly about future collaboration and cooperation to make the region even more attractive for top business talent, knowledge workers, investors and entrepreneurs.

The New Horizon reception is a new venture combining two new year’s receptions which were previously held seperately within the Brainport Eindhoven region. It was decided in 2013 to merge the receptions. It turned out to be a roaring success.

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