Sinterklaas celebration commences, ‘Zevensprong’ expects the Saint!

Elementary school the Zevensprong is uproarious. Soon there will be peppernoten cookies plenteous.

The school experts a sanctified guest who brings along his helpers: multicoloured outfits they are dressed.

He is not coming by steamboat, but as a Piet at the helm his method of transport is not a horse but a wagon made of elm.

He is scheduled to arrived just after 8:30am it will be a party to remember, for all to celebrate.

Alas this celebration is to be extra special, because as of next year Zevensprong will no longer be.

At the end of this year the school will close its doors but rest assured, the students will not be without abode.

The upper classes will merge with the school "Karragat" and knowledge here will continue to attain.

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